IELTS Writing Tips


  1. Task 2 to begin with, in light of the fact that it is worth more marks and is less demanding.
  2. Try not to squander excessive time on Task 1. Take in all the particular written work structure for each sort of errand 1. In the genuine test, you simply need to apply that structure with new information and appropriate verb tenses.
  3. You should finish both undertakings. You MUST finish your test at any cost. In the event that you don't, you will be end up losing marks.
  4. Examine each topic appropriately and invest some energy making notes
  5. Highlight or underline catchphrases and make always ensure that you concentrate on what you need to do.
  6. Try not to reuse/repeat your thoughts by utilising diverse words
  7. Try not to duplicate entire sentences from the question – you will get no imprints for this
  8. Write in a composed way. When you've arranged ahead of time, you'll wind up with a more sorted out, sensible bit of composing, which will acquire you higher imprints.
  9. Stay on subject. You will be loose bands if you stray off subject. This is the place the underlying couple of minutes of arranging can help you achieving best possible bands.

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